I have never had a boyfriend! I don't know why either!

I have never had a boyfriend! I don't know why either! I do all the right things, like acting cute and being funny and outgoing and flirting and all that sh*t! I dress cute, and wear makeup that flatters me, and do my hair cute! No matter what I do guys don't like me or something because I have been asked out, but not by the guys I actually flirt with and actually like! Please help me with what to do and how to get a boyfriend! I always feel like a loser especially next to my friend who always has guys falling head over heels for her! If it helps I am an athlete (gymnastics and track) and everyone knows I am, but not in a jock-y way! I have blue eyes and brown/blond hair, 5'2'', naturally long eyelashes. Andd yea! Haha, HELP! Thanks in advance(:
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N E V E R EVER!...Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


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  • hard to say sounds like your wanting a boyfriend so bad is turnings guys off. most guys can sense that a mile away. just be cool and be you. if they don't ask you out that's there loss. if your aggressive then ask the guys to go on a date or ask for their number. find out from mutual friends if so and so likes you or tell so and so you like them. normally I find that girl when I am not looking for her...when I'm just happy doing my own thing. when I have been hard up looking for a girlfriend...always backfires trust me. a guy is not gonna make your life happier despite it seeming so. just live your life and forget about getting a bf...and b4 you know it you'll likely get one.

    • But trust me, it's really not that obvious. Half of my friends don't even know I like anyone..

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  • Will you go out with me? lol - In all seriousness, are you going for the right type of guy? Are you displaying inviting body language? Are you smiling?! Flirting?! Approaching guys first? Subtly touching them to break touch barriers!?

    • Haha, to old, sorry! (; Anyways. I think so. Yes, I am pretty sure. Yes. Yes. Kind of. Depends.

  • Sometimes people have too high of standards. As a result, they end up a lone. You might want to give these guys who are interested in you a chance, or hang out with uglier people.

    • I will not give those other guys a chance! I am sorry, but they are ugly, and complete nerds. AND my standards are not high at all. JUST saying.

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    • look at that. nerds can fall in love with each other. don't need me for them, and really, my standards aren't high at all. you wouldn't even know because I didn't tell you my standards, just that I've never had a boyfriend. you are just assuming that I have high standards.

    • If you don't have high standards, why don't you have a boyfriend? Guys who you are attracted to do not hit on you; thus, you are aiming too high.

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  • You are under 18, so you are still very young and have time. Don't get too desperate & just settle for some hot jerkface. Instead of focusing on getting a boyfriend, you should just enjoy being a teen and the guy will come along.

    • part of enjoying being a teen is having a boyfriend. and actually I do wanna focus on getting a boyfriend because I kind of want to go to dances, have a social life, have fun at football games, etc.

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    • Yup, because I wanna sit at home by myself on the night of Homecoming, Prom and Sadies. Also, I absolutely do not want to sit next to all my friends with their boyfriends and me being the third wheel. Ya, I'm sure your high school years were a blast..

    • You could always get a date or you could not go. Wow, you didn't have to be rude. I was trying to help.

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