Unprofessional Business?

I started working for this new restaurant and was hired as a cashier/server and was hired while it was still under construction. Well the two owners just seemed really fishy like they didn't have their sh*t together and were trying to rush to open the restaurant. When I came in they immediately hired me along with three other girls. But most of them looked like they belonged in a bar rather than a restaurant/take-out joint. I'm a good looking girl myself so I didn't think anything of it and was just glad to have a job. I already had another job and was trying to make up the hours with the "new" one and they said they had no problem with it.

They offered me to do some advertising for the company on the side and said I would be handing out posters and such and would pay me $10 hour and I agreed. But when I came in they wanted me to drive around town and knock on business' doors and tell them by word of mouth. I said I could not do this because I didn't have transportation. So they had me do cold calling instead. The owner at one point even asked if I wanted to get into marketing and I would make more money that way. I said I didn't have any experience with that. At that point I felt suspicious but I needed the money and just wanted to see how things would turn out. There was suppose to be another girl who was there but she couldn't make it.

When the restaurant opened up it seemed to be doing really good business because of the area that it was in, but the owners still seemed that they had a few errors that they needed to correct. The manager said he really liked me and had a lot of confidence in me and wanted to give me more hours. He asked if I would quit my other job but I said I didn't want to yet and that they needed me. So he split the hours between me and three other girls...no big deal. It all worked out...no sooner did I set up a set schedule with my first job (because he asked me) The second job called me the next week and said that he had to let me go because I was a "poor team player" and that I wasn't bussing the tables and that I didn't fit in with the business. Bullsh*t! I was doing everything and on top of that was fast at it too! I got along with the co-workers and I got good tips from the customers. There were only a few times I made some mistakes but so did a lot of other workers because it was a new business.

I knew he was lying to me and just made up an excuse to let me go. When I texted one of the other co-workers I told him what happened and he said that was odd and that the manager told him he was cutting everyones hours...and he was making people work double shifts...then a couple days later I had my sister go in there and buy some food just see if anything looked suspicious and they had a new girl with tattoos and piercings everywhere waiting tables and the one that rang up my sister got the order wrong! Talk about bad business!


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  • I think a lot of food related businesses work like this. Its sad that the workers have to put up with it.

    • I don't think their business is going to last long...they don't know what the hell their doing!

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