What is your favorite type of clothes on girls?

what kinds of jeans do you like, skinny, flare, straight...what kinds of shirts do you like on girls, sweaters, t shirts, etc...what kinds of footwear do you like on girls, heels, boots, flats, etc...and finally, what kinds of skirts, pencil, tube, flowy, short, long, etc...


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  • The above poster gets it to an extent--but it does matter. Wear things that don't seem like you're doing it for other women. Don't dress like other women. Try to be a trendsetter, yet have an attitude that says you don't think about whatever you're wearing or how your hair is when you're around other people. Having confidence in whatever you're wearing makes those things look good.


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  • jeans halter top wth sadals or high heels. yhum very hot

  • our fav. type of clothing is what you pick out. we honestly don't care and wouldn't know the diff. between a flare jean and a straight jeans or a pencil skirt and a tube skirt.

    theyll be coming off anyway.

    women dress for other women. its about competition.

    • jst like to say you're cute...for 17

What Girls Said 2

  • style is there to express yourself,wear the style you normally find good for you,and you'll attract guys that are good for you

  • i honestly don't see why you have to ask guys what they like on girls.

    when I go shopping, I buy what I like, not to impress anyone, but for myself.


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