I tend to like the pretty girls the most. Does this sound shallow?

I tend to like the pretty girls the most. There are girls who like me, but I'm just not attracted to them, as much as I try. But, don't get me wrong, personality is important. It's a huge turn off if the pretty girl is also a jerk. And we have to get along

I guess I'm just looking for the nice pretty girl. I know they're out there because my mom was one (not to sound awkward).


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  • it's okay, men are made that way. You are visual creatures. However, outward beauty fades so it shouldn't be a deal breaker. I think when you find the right one and your personalities click, you'll look past the physical flaws because you'll like that person so much. Outward beauty is not a bad thing, it's a VERY good thing : ) so go ahead and pursue the "pretty" women, or the women YOU are most attracted to ( ideas of beauty differs from person to person), and find one with a personality that you love also. Don't try and be loves martyr and pursue women YOU are not in anyway physically attracted to just because they are nice...this is a sure path to failure and really unfair/unkind to the lady. I think there needs to be a healthy balance...just keep in mind that looks are deceiving and that you should strive to give people a chance even if they don't look the part because you just might find that you like them enough to overlook the fact that your aren't in love with their appearance...use your discretion : )


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  • It's not shallow at all. But the pretty nice girls are often looking for the hot nice guys. And just like you don't want to date the unattractive/average girl who is nice, girls don't want to date the unattractive/average guy who is nice either. We want both just like you want both.

  • No not shallow.

    Just don't get mad when girls like hot nice guys the most & try to change the hot bad boy into a nice guy.

    • But that is so STUPID.

      And I have my doubts whether anyone could prove me wrong on that.

      Seriously, if you want a "nice" guy, then go for a "nice" guy!


    • Why go for the nice guy you're not physically attracted to?

      Better off with someone you're attracted to instead of forcing attraction to a guy or trying to be attracted from his personality instead of his looks.

      In that case why don't nice guys go for unattractive girls for their niceness?

      Guys should stop expecting girls to overlook their looks when the guys don't.

  • it's not shallow,it's how humans work,we search for the most suitable,attractive partner.


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