Camo pants and these shirts?

Just like the title says.

I've just got some camo pants but I don't know if the camo is still cool.

What do you girls think about this combination ?

LONG SLEEVE (black sleve) base color red.


camo pants ( urban camo , white-black .-gray).


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  • Its hard to say, honestly from a girls opinion I think they're way out of style..but SOME guys can pull it off, I've seen a lot of guys wear light camo shorts and still look good, but pants..might be to much. Add some pics, it would be easier to say whether they look good or not (:

    • perhaps a better question would be, were they ever cool?

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    • i'm looking ,

      But I see a urban camo .

      I don't see nothing wrong . But I've been wrong before.

      so please tell me what is wrong.?

    • also I've put a photo with that long sleve shirt.on my profile .

      sorry but I don't have a photo with me wearing all those things right now :(

  • soooooo hot, I want a pair :D


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