Don't want to go out because I'm afraid girls will look at me, is this normal to feel?

I never want to go out because I'm afraid there will be cute girls and they will look at me, I feel really awkward around cute girls specially when they look at me and sometimes smile


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  • Yeah. Your nervous and shy. If they look at you and sometimes smile, they like you =] You probably have some hidden charisma or quiet mystery, that you don't know about. That's good ^_^ Just smile back, you'll feel a little better that day.

    If you can force yourself to go out, and fight that fear, you'll conquer it and reap the benefits tenfold. It'll be well worth it, and you'll see a better you. Really.

  • i wouldn't say that's very common, but man, things are only awkward when you let them be.


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