How to accessorize these dresses?

So I have my grad dress, but I'm not sure how to accessorize it:

ht tp://¤t=IMG_2076.jpg

Any tips regarding shoes/jewelry/hair & makeup would be greatly appreciated! :) We also need a white dress for convocation, and I'm having the same problem with it. :P

ht tp://¤t=IMG_2079.jpg

Thanks in advance for any advice!


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  • navy dress: silver heels, silvery jewelry. simple earrings and bracelet (match the stones to that on the bodice of the dress). no necklace.

    white dress: silver heels, maybe a flashier pair. simple earrings (maybe the same that you bought for the navy dress). I would pair this one with a thicker bracelet though, like this link (not necessarily that design, but that width would look nice) as for necklace...maybe a thin chain with a pendant (I don't think you really need one though).

  • ok, for the blue dress.

    i would try to match that silvery detail under the bust with your accessories. Try pairing the dress with a couple of short and mid-length, delicate silver necklaces and possibly bracelets. OR, some silver chandelier earrings, or simple ones if you decide to go with the necklace. If you choose chandelier earrings, then maybe go with a silver cocktail ring.

    for shoes, I would pick a blue/navy satin pump, with a silver accent if possible. Black heels or even silver would work as well.

    for makeup, I would go with a fresh neutral look, in terms of eyeshadows. If you're brave maybe add a pop of blue eyeshadow? and make your eyeliner and mascara black.

    Your hair would look lovely down in loose curls, or possibly an nice updo.

    and for the white dress...which might I add is stunning!

    i would not wear a necklace because the top of the dress should be the attention grabber.

    I wouldn't go with bangles because the dress is quite flirty and delicate, so maybe a couple of silver chain bracelets, or you can find some elegant bangles with diamond-look stones encrusted on it.

    I would wear some simple pearl of diamond studs.

    and find some silver heels.

    For makeup, again I would go for a neutral smokey eye, or use eyeshadows with colours like pale pink and champagne.


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