High school eye contact?

this might be a little long. at lunch I looked at this girl like 10 times now I when I see her she's looking at me. than she started to sit closer to where im. when I look at her for like 3 sec she don't look way...i have to look away Because I'm like wow. plus she sits alone and STARES AT ME. I don't even talk to her... so ya does it mean she wonts me to say some thing to her or does she like me


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  • She's either thinking of something else, while coincidentally looking your way, or she's telling you " hey you.. yes you there, come at me.. I wanna get to know ya, cmon just do it will ya, sheesh". Starting off with a little "hey" can never hurt, don't really have to start a conversation the first time you talk to her ya know., you've got nothing to loose, + she's sitting alone?.. waaah?, no friends or idiots to disrupt your game plan. Go talk to her... NOW.


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  • well she could either be doing what I do, daydreaming and not realising you're staring at someone, happens embarrassingly often for me. Or she could like you. I think its the latter because of the frequency. Do you like her or does it freak you out?


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  • She is totally into you, so you should become friends with her and then maybe you could ask her on a date.


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