How can I tell when a girl is looking at me?

I'm recently single.

All of my ex gfs, and my female friends have told me that they find me very attractive. Though, I've a very soft-spoken and quiet person. I'm not the loud and obnoxious attention-wh0re type of guy, so I usually don't get as much attention as other guys; or so I think.

I was out with a group of female friends last night, and they kept telling me that girls we didn't know were checking me out, and that those girls were "obviously" interested in me.

I looked over, and I couldn't see what the hell they were talking about. I mean, they were just casually looking around the room, and happened to coincidentally look over at me a couple of times. When I asked my female friends to explain the difference between (girls just looking around the room) and (girls interested in me) were, they couldn't.

So I'm wondering:

How the hell am I supposed to know that a girl is interested in me, as opposed to just looking around and coincidentally happened to look at me a few times?


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  • I look for eye contact but girls are usually good at not letting you catch them unless they want you to.


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