Why do strangers always flirt when girls look their worst?

So what's the deal guys? Why do you insist on flirting when the girl isn't looking her hottest? You're catching us off-guard when we're already self-conscious about the way we look!

For some reason when I'm all done up I don't get as much compliments. But when I've been walking around all day, have my hair up in a messy bun, tired, sweaty, carrying heavy bags while bopping to my headphones I suddenly get all the attention; everything from guys in cars to hobos to random strangers on the street.


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  • this is a self esteem issue on the woman part. while it may be true some women may not look so hot without makeup...and this may shock some women...but men don't care! accept it for what it is, even if you feel like crap, someone finds you hot!

    take it for what it is. after all, the goal is to find someone who loves you not matter how you look or feel, and your job just got easier!

    while you are whining over the attention your getting...dont forget there are men and women out there that clearly are not attractive as you and would kill for some of the attention you are getting!

    get some perspective!

    • Very true, I should be grateful for any attention. Fact of the matter is it happens when I least expect it - so all the times I'm feeling pretty okay and I get nothing, it hits the self-esteem and knocks the wind out of my sails until I start doubting myself and where I stand. I'm already a shy girl so it takes a lot out of me to 'doll' myself up (even then I don't put on much make-up). I figure since I'm done up that's when I want attention - then zip, nothing! XD

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  • because that's the way we want it and like it, we like the natural comfy look on a girl, we don't like the make-up, as many times as we do tell girls on here you don't seem to believe us, well this just proves it, we don't like make-up, we like the natural look

    • Spread the word, bro! :D

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    • Are you sure that most guys don't like makeup?

    • you will find that some don't mind it but 90% guys don't and we don't want to kiss the makeup we want to kiss you

  • Because we can see when you are just being you. It brings you from some super-georgeous-babe-whos-probably-got-a-boyfriend-and-is-too-good-for-me, to a more human level. When you are all dolled up and are ready for us, we know you've got your warpaint on. You are presenting yourself as you want to be seen, but the other way we get to see a more often hidden part of you. The girl inside the porcelain doll. It kills the high maintenance vibe that can come with being TOO well put together. But never fear, we can see the beauty glowing through the real life.

    Secret. We know you are likely to be self conscious in this state and therefore respond better to any well thought out compliments we might offer. Ladies have the upper hand, so we use all the help we can get.

  • Well in a guys mind, if you look great in what you consider your worst state. Then you are going to beautiful to them no matter what. Maybe you just look great that way.

  • Thats the whole point you are less arrogant at that state. And you don't look like a high maintenance chick. I like to see girls not looking their best cos then I know she will look fine at her best.


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