How to catch your eye?

This may seem like a very strange question: how can a girl seem more interesting from afar. So, let's say you're at some place and you see a girl, what about her will make her stand out, besides looks. How does she need to act from afar to catch your eye? a smile? confidence? looking mysterious?

Please enlighten me... ;)


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  • For me, the shy girl in the corner is the most noticeable - who cares about all the people who get everyone else's attention? Why would I add any more to that? However, the shy girl is usually distant and seems hard to approach - because she doesn't really expect it, isn't too welcoming on the first occasion. Therefore, I usually wait - at some point we might end up talking to each other anyways. If not - well, there are others, I guess...

    So yeah, I'm a black sheep in that sense - I'm always more interested in those that are more reserved, and are just outside the scene. Sometimes there are exceptions when... something just drags your focus on -that- girl for no real reason. Possibly has to do something with physical appearance and maybe with overall thinking pattern, but I can't really tell you the details on this one.

    • Wow, that is unexpected...I guess that also says a lot about you

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    • Mean or uncaring? Well I'm not sure "shyness" or being distant in the beginning equals "meanness" or "uncaring". Everyone is selfish - some are just in different ways.

      Unexpected - well, someone has to be the opposite of everyone else, too! xD

    • Yes I completely agree, being distant does not mean the person is mean or rude, it simply suggests the person is reserved, if anything more mysterious, and I guess that is what draws you in. Yeah different is good, unexpected= even better :P

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  • Confident outgoing happy and energetic. But not in a rude or bitchy kind of way. Not sure if that makes sense but like if she's just out having fun with her friends but you can still tell she's a nice person, not being loud to get attention from everyone around.

  • She needs to seem out going and happy, the shy girl in the corner is cute but not very noticable. Smile be happy once and a while be loud but not like obnoxious. Also be nice, I notice girls who are nice to people like maybe hang out with the guy who is usually alone in the corner of the club or if some one is crying you comfort them. I notice girls who are kind more then I do any other, mostly because that's the kind of girl I want for my self. You need to be you though don't try and fake anything but if its your just to shy be you just be more you!


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  • It's a cliché but really--try to not look like everyone else. De-compromise yourself. Don't do things because everyone else does. And yes, confidence, which I like to define as "being someone you like being". It radiates through everything..


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