How do you determine what colors look best on you?

In passing I mentioned buying a certain shirt to a friend. The shirt is a rather bright yellow, and my friend said I shouldn't wear bright yellow because it wouldn't look right with my skin tone.

My skin is very pale with pink undertones. I've noticed that red, purple, and silver seem to look good on me. My eyes are a dark green. My hair is naturally a light brown. Currently it's reddish brown, but I'm going to dye it a darker brown soon.

So, how does one determine what colors to wear and which to avoid? And is my friend right about me avoiding yellow?


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  • Yes, yellow doesn't do wonders on very light complexions (I'm very fair-skinned too, and yellow makes my skin look toilet-paper grey). You're probably a spring type, check out this site: link

    If you google colour analysis you'll find lots of information.


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  • experience .. and yes to be honest considering your skin color from your pictures yellow would look awful on you , but as you said I bet purple would look hot ..


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  • you have cool toned skin, any colors with blue tones such as reds, deep pinks, purples, etc. will look great on you! orange, yellow and like colors look better on warm toned people.


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