What will happen to my facial hair?

u know the place on your cheek where facial hair (beard) are suppose to be right. so while shaving today my hand slipped and all the are just under the eye got shaved. know I was wondering if a beard will start to grow on the every area that got shaved or will it only grow in the usual beard area depending on my inheritance.

coz its going to look really weird there.

i tried to explain the best way I could so please I really need help.


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  • What you shaved will have no effect on how you grow facial hair.

    • so they will only grow where they are suppose to and I will not start to look like a warewolf...

      even if accident like this happened again or something...

    • You're not actually that stupid, are you? No matter how many times you shave below your eyes, on your forehead or on the sole of your foot, you're not gonna grow hair there if you didn't before.

    • m 18 so I don't know where most of my hair are..:)

      not up to my eye off course but sometime it just goes a little high up...

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