Are looks or personality more important?

OK, so obviously, not everybody is fortunate enough to find the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend who is both very attractive and has a great personality to go with it. So in a serious relationship, which would you chose? Somebody who you found to be very attractive, but lacked in the personality department. Somebody who was everything you hate. Or somebody who had a fantastic personality, but was just-to be blunt-ugly (whatever your definition of ugly may be.) There is no choice of I wouldn't be with that person to begin with. If you had to chose between someone who's face made you cringe and gave you nightmares, but who's personality was your idea of perfect. Or somebody who had a perfect body and a flawless face, but you would poison them with anthrax first chance you got. Which would you choose?


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  • Initial attraction will get me interested

    Personality will keep me around

    And being honest I didn't read the details lol

    • This is the secret formula. "Initial attraction" is the magic ingredient.

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  • Looks are nothing compared to personality when it comes to a relationship.


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  • its an on-going debate and really there's no set formula anymore...people experiment and date and have at least one relationship as theyre growing up and they figure out wht they like in a partner and what they dont...its all a learning process as we age until we find the one and settle down with them...theres so many people out there and every one has their own preferences...

    but I do agree with the other guy dom...initial attraction gets one thinking about someone and you wonder about become interested in them to get to know them better, and when you do get to know them their personality will rule out whether theyre a keeper or I guess you can say looks aren't everything but they do count a tad bit.


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