He played me, used me and now makes fun of me. How will I ever feel better?

He's been cruel to me. He put me through hell. I felt so bad I had to take antidepressants for some months. and now ... now, everything is going well for him. everything is going bad for me. and now, he makes fun of me even in front of my own friends. I don't know what to do to feel any better. seek revenge ? let it go ? punch him in the face (lol..) ?

Guys or girls, please tell me what you would do if you were me or what did you do if you were ever in my shoes ?


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  • Kick him in the balls and don't hang out with him/near him. You're letting him get away with it so he thinks he can keep doing it. That's how jerks think "No one is stopping me so it must be OK"

    • Thank you a lot for your advice lol :)

      I totally agree with : he thinks he can get away with it.he thinks me not spreading the truth means me being weak.now, you tell me if its a good idea but I've decided to tell our mutual friends (whom I'm getting closer to and whom appreciate me a lot) what he did to me (and trust me, he did real bad things). they are all convinced he is an angel because he acts like the shy and sweet boy he is not. I want his wife-to-be to realize she is engaged to a super jerk.

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  • Learn to like yourself or be at the mercy of someone else the rest of your life.

    • I like myself, there's not a doubt about that. I know its not healthy to be dependent on someone about that. but unfortunately, I fell in love with a douchebag :s it happens to the best of us, huh ? ;)

  • Let it go and ignore him.


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  • I agree with quadrophonic84 er go up and giv him a big boot in the balls en punch him in the face! haha


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