I look better with long hair or short hair?

this is me maybe 10 years ago link

this is me about month ago link

(hair looks awkward cause I split in half in the back and put it all to the front of my shoulders)

I really want to change the way I look.. I thought about dying my hair but my skin is sensitive to the chemicals, so I either go back to my old hair cut or grow my hair to the bottom of my back

I would like it any way but I can't decide what to do.. when I want to cut it people tell me its a waste to cut nice hair.. and I never thought about growing it up until now

Tell me what you guys think of really really long hair.

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  • Long hair
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my hair is now trimmed a bit .. a week after that photo I had a haircut..my hair looks the same but healthier and 2 inches shorter
has anyone noticed a difference in hair colour between first and second pic.. its because of henna .. so I do put henna in my hair but there isn't a huge difference
link this was taken on the same day as the second pic above, I'm not sure if this is of any help
before I asked this question I thought I was going to get mixed views , when I ask family I think that's only because mum won't let me cut it ..

when I was small she took me to cut it all the time since my hair was very shiny and straight she wanted it away from peoples eyes.. I guess..

then I begged her to let me grow it and now I do.. I got bored and I'm begging to cut it.. after seeing everyones answers I think I would have been crazy if I cut it



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  • OFCOURSE long hair! it looks amazing by the way ;)


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What Guys Said 4

  • Long hair.

    Maybe just trim a little bit or wear it differently If you want a change but I wouldn't cut it short. You have nice hair :)

    • my hair is now trimmed a bit .. a week after that photo I had a haircut..my hair looks the same but healthier

    • awesome :)

  • i would have to see you with short hair now, this is an unrealistic comparison.

    • my face has hardly ever changed I didn't think that would be an issue but ill show you this .. link

    • long hair then

  • Nooo don't cut it! Keep it long! Looks beautiful!

    Happy Pancake Day!

  • Long hair! :D


What Girls Said 5

  • You shouldn't dye your hair! You've got nice dark hair, so why change it?

    And I think you shouldn't cut it that much (picture 1). If I were you I'd cut about 10cm (I think that's about 4 inches) off, cause I think it's a bit too long now.

  • I like long hair the best. I like your hair color so if anything do highlights or leave it how it is. You could probably cut a little bit off because it is a little long now.

  • Short hair.


  • deff long hair

  • long but it's hard to tell because it was such a huge gap inbetween ages

    • did you see the link in the update, it might be helpful ?

    • oh ha no I didn't see it...I still like you with long hair:)

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