Where to hide the body?

lol jk about the title it was catchy though!

i do have a Q&A though

for the ladies mainly

I'm speaking to this girl currently and I want to know how to keep you interested how to keep the conversation flowing without getting boring

when should I ask her out on a date where should I take her I hate movies and dinner I think its cheesy something exciting maybe not too bad for a first date! thanks



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  • Be genuinely interested in her, as if she was the most fascinating person in the world. Don't act like a humble admirer, but calmly engage her in asking things about herself, and try to follow the things she seems most interested in...guys tend to follow lines of conversation that girls don't really care about.

    For instance...which do you think she will like to talk about more: how long she's had her current current car, how much she paid, etc. or... preparations for her older sister's upcoming wedding?

  • You don't have to worry about all that stuff..

    She saw the initial question that you typed in and is no longer interested in going out with you..

    Isn't that a relief? Phew


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