Eye pupils dilate if a guy likes you, even in a dark room?

they say if you want to know if a guy likes you look at his pupils and check if it dilates, well what if he has dark eyes, or what if the room is dark, so what are the eye contact clues do you check for now?


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  • When they pupils dilate like that it means whatever the person is looking at is interesting or they want it. Its a sign of desire, this happens really quick though so it isn't really a good sign to look for.

    • ur pupils dilate when you look at something you hate as well

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  • You can't just stare into this guys eyes to see if his pupils dilate! That's just a bit creepy...your safer looking for other signs to see if he likes you.

  • If he's looking at you.

    • And if the room is dark, if he talks with you. There are many clues than just a guy's eyes if he likes you. If he pays attention to you, seems to care about you, asks about you, takes interest in your life, tries to be in it.

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