Guys: what do you like when meeting a girl?

When first meeting a girl, what attracts you to her? Do you like her hair natural or alittle bit done scruched or curled? Clothing, covered up, or a bit sexier? What kind of personality would you go up and talk to? Any tips for what to do when meeting a guy? Thanks for any answers :)
ok I don't know why this question was put in sexuality, I put it in flirting and can't figure out how to change it back, sorry :/ please don't report this for the wrong category cause I didn't mean to :)


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  • It is all in how you carry yourself. Do you seem fun? Would I want to hang around you? Can you hold an intellectual conversation? If a girl is good looking, she is good looking there is little stuff she can do, but what works on you and what individuals guys find sexy is so varied, I wouldn't obsess over it. If instance a hardcore punk girl probably won't be attracted to a cardigan wearing guy who lives in the Hamptons and goes to Harvard and the guy probably won't be attracted to her, her multi colorer crazy hair, piercings an tats.


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  • pale skin, colored eyes, red hair, nice smile.
    shyness, its cute, and a sense of humor.
    i will most likely like her right away if she's like that.

  • everything ... you should know what I


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