Do you believe on the concept of leagues? Which is based on: Beauty, personality and social status?

Basically what I am trying to say is: You can only date somebody who is comparable to the level of beauty, personality and status wise. A "league" can include all three, or just one of them as well.

What do you think?


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  • Leagues only exist when people believe they do, for example in school.

    I recently had to reject a male school- friend of mine who I've known for several years, because I'm already happily in a long-term relationship. This friend has been hinting for a while now that he always felt there was 'something between us', and I didn't disagree with him, there might have been; but the fact is he waited till three years after we left school to say anything.

    We became relatively close friends when we were about 15 and had both just gone through bad breakups. We quickly became FWBs. We hung out a lot outside school, but in school that wasn't the case- the best I got was that maybe he'd come to talk to me on the bus if none of his friends were around. Why was this? Because he was charismatic, good looking with lots of friends, while I was introverted, plain and the deputy head's daughter (never helped anything).

    This didn't hurt too much, I was happy to just be there for him as a friend when he needed me, as he was going through some complicated family stuff at the time. Like selfishstars said, I was too insecure to believe I had a chance with him, so I didn't take his flirting seriously- part of me even thought maybe he had a bet with someone about me, or it was a big joke. I think that he also believed that associating with me too much would damage his social status, and we just weren't in the same social groups, didn't have the same friends.

    Anyway, had he asked me out in school when I was single, I probably would have said yes, and maybe we'd even be together now. However he didn't- he waited till there were no school friends to mock him, and by then it was too late.

    So in short, leagues exist but only in our minds, and they do nothing but hold us back. I think once school is over they disappear though, or at least among mature people...


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  • There are no leagues---only people who are insecure and assume other people are too good for them, and people who are full of themselves and think they're too good for other people.

    • Agreed.

    • What can I do, I admit, my fear is always present.

    • Do not agree.

      There are leagues just not universal ones.

      there are people a person views as ugly, cute, etc that's where beauty is in the eye of the beholder comes from.

      I don't think there are universal leagues but leagues based on an individual's tastes

  • Not leagues in the sense that people should date in their league or there is a universal ranking system.

    But in the sense that there are people in the eye of the beholder that the person views as unattractive, average, attractive, and more attractive by looks.

    For personality it's ugly, boring, likeable, and interesting.

    For status its poor, blue collar, white collar, and rich.

    People have equal rights/privileges but people are not equal in looks, personality, and status.

  • yes. you subconsciously think about it. I was afraid to see one guy I liked again, because I thought he's out of my league.

    i had a guy tell me he liked me but the he knows I'm out of his league...

    so YES

  • leagues suck. but yes, I do believe they exist on all three platforms. I think most guys think of leagues in terms of physical attractiveness, but I personally look at all three.


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  • I do not believe in leagues


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