She broke up with me, is delaying taking her stuff.

When she moved out, she thought she lost a bunch of her clothes in the move.

I recently found them, and she was ecstatic. She has really really been missing these clothes.

Then she makes no offer to pick them up.

Haha doesn't she want them? Why not make plans to pick them up?

FYI we are still friends and have gone out to dinner a few times, and she has initiated all the dates.

Why is she delaying picking up her stuff?



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  • It's not a priority in her mind. Yeah, it's great you found the clothes but so what? She had already mentally prepared that they were lost anyway.

    See, you're thinking like this is some sort of roundabout way of her showing you she still really likes you and wants to maintain a romantic connection of some sort. Unfortunately I don't think that's the case and think you're just reading way too much into this.


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