What are some cute hairstyles/cuts that would look good on me?

I've been wanting a new hairstyle again. xD I've been thinking of maybe growing out my hair to my shoulders and having it layered, but I'm not sure and would like some suggestions/pics on what kind of hairstyle might look good on me. I would like something sort of cute and a little edgy. My hair is pretty thick and I usually get it thinned out towards the ends for the wispy look that I love. I also have a round-ish face shape. If it helps, I've got pictures on my profile, too. What do you think would be some interesting hairstyles/cuts that I could possibly try out?


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  • Honestly, I think your current hair style is super cute. Not many girls could pull it off like you do.

    This cut, which is a little longer, might look good on you: link

    Or perhaps the textured layered look of this one: link


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  • All hair styles look good on you, because you're a babe! Keep workin it! ; - )


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