How old is to old to be trying to still be cute?

How old is to old to still be trying to be all cute, pink and fluffy?

The other day my mum was taking me clothes shopping for Christmas and i need a new waterproof coat but there all so boring and plain. I was really hoping to find a cute pink coat.

Seems like everything they try to sell women as clothes these days are basic bitch colours like black and cream like who wants to be dressing the same colour as there coffee.

I have very expensive taste on a primark budget and i just dont feel satisfied with what the high street shops sell its all so boring and plain.

My mum ended up getting annoyed with me and said "why has everything got to be cute, pink and fluffy with you? Don't think your getting a little old for that now?"

I don't know if it comes off a bit pethetic trying to dress myself like im cute or something because im not im just a ugly fat arse.

I really like kpop and Japanese fashion but i don't have the figure to pull it off and the shops don't sell clothes like that in the UK. Everyones dressing like a Kardashian instead and it's so boring to me.
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How old is to old to be trying to still be cute?
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