Guys: How do you like a girl to dress?

My friends boyfriend said that he claims he knows how to dress a girl. How do you like a girl to dress?

Everyone is different.

There is a fine line between sexy and trashy.


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  • link

    you're boyfriend is cool, cause I know how to dress girls too!


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  • to your style and to your personality

    will every guy like that? no but if it makes you happy then go for it

    Just keep in mind what crowd you will attract with the way you dress

    but for my preference I like it when a girl dresses classy without showing too much skin

    Yes, I check out the girls who don't wear much clothing but after I'm done checking them out. I forget about them

  • is your friends boyfriend secretly gay?

    what sort of guy gives fashion advice that isn't gay. women know how to dress themselves, they don't need to be told what to do


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  • Clothing is all a matter of personal taste. I've seen similar questions around, and most of the guys on here seem to prefer girls that dress like this: link

    My ex preferred girls that dressed like this: link

    And I dress like this: link

    • And some guys are just d*** faces, and you shouldn't take their opinions into consideration.

    • l-i-t this guy is a troll from a while ago, supposedly got banned but I guess he's back. don't listen to this beta male WGM

    • Thanks Samoht, I know. I saw him around before.

  • depends on the guy if your into emos dress emo, jocks for sweats, rednecks go cowgirl, surfer go to hollister, nerds go nerdy! dress for the type of guy you want to attract!


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