The top part of my right eye is red?

My eyes were red earlier during the weekend but it was due to crying but suddenly yesterday morning I noticed it was red in the corner of my right eye when I pick up my eye lid. Why is this? I think it just got irritated by something but its been there for 24 hours now. It doesn't itch, and it doesn't bother me. What's going on? Should I go to the doctor? Oh and I DON'T wear contacts!
Ok so I went to the wellness center, apparently its just allergies, and it will be gone in a few days!


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  • Do you have eye drops?

    I would give it just a little more time and a hot compress before going to the doctor

    and maybe punch the guy who made you cry in the same part of the eye that is red for you

    • You gave me best answer, thank you very much...I would have sent this in a message but we are both anonymous. Or are we

    • Lol, no prob, I liked the last thing you said. and I just changed it so I'm not anonymous.

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  • i'm glad to hear it's gone. I was going to suggest some eye drops. I always have drops around just in case


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