I like this guy he knew it now I can't look at him without my face turning red and my eyes brightening!!!?

what should I do.. I'm the shy quiet girl that is not so noticed in the class , but I really liked this popular guy and tried to change my quiet nature a little bit just for him people always give me comment that I'm cute and slim and I just need to be more hyper and that's exactely what I did I even travelled with the school and he started flirting and getting close to the popular girls and I told them about him suddenly I found the whole school knowing about it and he started ignoring me and getting so embaressed when he looks at me which makes it hard enough I don't want to lie and tell him that I don't like him but I don't know what to do but this please PLEASE PLEASE HELP MEEEEE


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  • This situation stinks for you. I fell sorry for you. Since he is embarrassed about you liking him , then you should just leave it alone. But if a cute girl liked me(being a sort of popular guy) I wouldn't be embarrassed even if she wasn't popular. Just try to wait it out and see how he actsathe next couple of daysand then thing might quiet down if you leave them alone.

    • well hey he takes to me these days and I never showed him that I care by the way and he started flirting and chatting at the beginning but now I'm just so embaressed to wake in the school our prom is next week and a couple of guys asked me but I'm thinking noot to go to the prom this year .. pathetic ha?

    • Well I say forget him or for now at least. Since your prom is really close I say just go with one of those other guys, because prom is fun and you should go. You have to let those guys know and quick. That fact is the guy has to get a tux to match your dress and the corsage, so let the other guys know if you are going to go with them or not. The girl I asked to prom I asked her to prom two months prior and she said yes, but she didn't get her dress until three nights before prom and that was bad

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  • first of all, it's really not that big of a deal. second of all, the same exact thing is happening 2 me 2. I like this guy whose popular, and he just started to notice me, and we've been talking more. it's my 1st real crush, like real crush. I've liked other guys in the past, but I've liked this guy all year. I know, it sounds like I'm rambling on and on about my issues rite, well actually I kinda am, but don't make the same mistake I'm making. don't put all your eggs in one basket. so what if some guy whose a little popular knows that you like him. who gives a sh*t?!? just move on! watch, I bet by the end of next week, somebody else is gonna be in the spotlight of shame. everybody has to take their turn in it.


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