What do I bring camping?

Okay so I'm going on a camping trip and I have created a list. I know I'm missing tons of stuff so guys, help me out! So far I have a packed a flashlight, rain gear, tent, sleeping bag (etc), cambelbak, trashbags, lighter, bug spray, camera and pain reliever. What else? Please help me!
I will be camping near fresh water...it'll be about 60 degrees outside during the day...50 at night. It's overnight.


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  • Depends on where you are camping...Is it near a source of fresh water? Climate? In a campground? How far away from a town or highway will you be? Things like that determine what you should and shouldn't bring, besides the obvious things of course.

    • What are the obvious things though?

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    • thanks :-) you should accompany bear grylss

    • Naw, I could top him haha

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  • Extra cloths but not too much, sweater or good jacket (may get cold at night). Fork, spoon, pocket knife. A hat that'll keep the sun off your face. Sunblock. Toothbrush. I'm guessing there will be communal cooking gear, cooler, first aid kit etc. A good pair of hiking shoes. Extra means of creating fire. This is all assuming it's a drive up campsite. Folding chair. A good book or two.

    If you're hiking to your campsite... as little as possible. You'll want to keep it light.

    • If it's just for a day... you don't really need anything. Heck at those temps I'd sleep on the ground.

  • When you get to your campsite you'll need to find a smooth stone to wipe your bum with after you poop. I don't even bring any of that other stuff you mention. Once I get into the woods I just start poopin and workin the smooth stone.

  • I always wondered if homeless people hate people who camp for fun.

  • First Aid


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  • sometimes it's hard to use lighters cos of the winds, and rain and stuff.. so if your building a fire, you might wanna bring those magnesium sticks like these ones: link


    or you could use waterproof matches.

    - hair elastics (girls with long hair sometimes want to tie their hair back :P)

    - food (trail mix and granola bars are very good especially for outings and stuff)

    - WATER bottle (since your camping near fresh water u'd want a usable bottle)

    - toilet paper

    - a knife (just incase for danger and stuff)

    - compass/GPS (if needed)

    - hat

    - boots

    - poison ivy creams

    - first aid kit (A MUST!)

    - pads/ tampons!

    - mirror

    - magnify glass (useful for starting fires but not needed if you already have a sufficient fire starter)

    - socks

    - underwear

    - toothbrush and tooth paste

    - bathing suit (just incase your going for a swim)

    - rain poncho

    - ziploc bags are very useful for holding electronics incase of rain

    - axe/hammer


  • first aid kit, scissors, knife, are you hunting/fishing? or bringing food?

  • most important things -- enough warm clothes and don't forget sunblock!


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