One look and that was it, I fell for him, why?

I know this boy for a while he good mates with my best mate , I always though oh he good looking but never had I thought of it as much more. He cool one of the lads but lovely as well so I respected him and find him nicer than most boys. But then last night when I was out with the girls he came up and took some chips from me and my mate . I looked up and smiled and made a comment but we just double looked each other and locked eyes. And I don't think it was just me that though it weird because the next day he spoke to me without my mate he whenever normal does that in fact he never has. And now whenever I see him I can't help but want him to look. What did he do ...because it seems as if we just got a spark randomly and now I can't stop thinking about him.


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  • awww how cute! I hope he asks you out!

  • sometimes it just happens that way :) lol ask him out just the two of you.


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