A woman's eyes! What makes them attractive or unattractive? and is eye contact really that important and why?

thing is I've always doubted that I have a slightly lazy eye, I'm still not sure about it but in some of my pictures my eyes look slightly uneven and this has made me really insecure about making eye contact with people and about interacting with them in general...

Would it be a big turnoff if a girl has a lazy eye?

One of my friends has dark eyes (which I really find them to be normal/ average looking) however she always gets compliments from guys about her eyes and their look... and I don't understand what's the special thing about them cause I don't see anything special...

What makes you compliment a girl's eyes? is it their color or shape or is it depending on how white the whites of her eyes are or what?


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  • I've always been worried about having a lazy eye as well. I also have one eyelid that seems to droop a tiny bit more than the other :(. That being said, I still try to make eye contact even though I can be super self-conscious about it. I think eye contact is very important. But be careful, it can be dangerous! Any time I stare into my one friend's eyes, I start falling for her all over again haha.

    Would it be a turn off if someone has a lazy eye? Yeah, I think it would be. But if I liked the girl enough I would get used to it and wouldn't think that it would be that big of a deal.

    The friend I mentioned above has very dark eyes where you can't really tell the difference between her iris and her pupil. What made her eyes amazing were that they looked amazing when she was sad and great when she was happy. That is the one place where I could read her emotion and felt a deep connection to her. I think it is the color of the eyes and the light / life you can see in them that make them attractive. It also helps if you like the person a lot haha.

    Sorry for the long answer.

    I wouldn't be worried about having a lazy eye. If you want to stop doubting whether you do or do not have a lazy eye I'm sure you could get checked out by a doctor and find out for sure.

    • Yeahhh exactly what I've been thinking about, I wanna get rid of this doubt I'm in so I'll probably go for a check up. Do you have any idea about whether having a lazy eye can be treated by a surgery or something?

      I do have dark brown eyes that look black sometimes but I guess it's not good enough because you can actually tell the difference between my iris and pupil most of the time.. lol

    • All I know, off the top of my head, is that they try to treat it when we are children because then they just try eye exercises to correct it.

      I'm sure your eyes are fine. I would think the doctor would have mentioned something before if you had a lazy eye. Also I can confidently say, without ever seeing you before, that your eyes are good enough and that someone out there thinks they are pretty.And anonymous chick's answer is pretty much what I was trying to say about light / life above haha

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  • link

    this girl's eyes are beautiful.

    i love how big and round they are, and they go with her face really well.

    i wouldn't mind a lazy eye, if I like you, I'll still go out with you.

    and a girl that makes eye contact is really attractive to me.


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  • i don't tthink it's just your eyes alone but the emotion. I mean, if you're having fun, really excited about something, your eyes will naturally glow and sparkle and that attracts guys. not because just your eyes are bright and energetic, but because YOU as whole person is bright and energetic


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