At a themed club, how do you view someone who dresses halfway?

I need opinions quick!

There's a nightclub that will have a pirates theme Tuesday. I don't have a costume nor can I make a one. The only pirate accessory I have is a black eye-patch. I'm just wondering how you would view someone at a themed party who was only partially dressed for a themed party in comparison to someone who is isn't in costume or in full-outfit (Girls opinion in particular)?

Should I get a full pirate costume? Could I "get away" with adding a couple more accessories to my casual club attire (bandanna or something)? I need to know quickly because if I should get a costume, the closest costume store is only open a few days a week.


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  • personally I would get into it a little more, just to look like you made a good effort.

    I wouldn't go all out hiring or buying a costume though.

    I would go with a stripy top of some sort and maybe a fitted black skirt, then put on the eye patch and you should be good to go!

    • I bought a skull patterned banda to be worn pirate-style. As for stiped shirts, I have a Where's Waldo shirt, but my friends through it wasn't very piratey because traditional sailor stripes are blue and white and a cutup tanktop sleeves would work better than long sleeves. I don't want to cut up the sleeves and I have semi-thin arms, so I can't pull the tank-top look.

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  • Most who go to themed clubs don't dress up that much...


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