How to talk about kissing, sex and other awkward subjects without feeling weird?

How do me and my girlfriend talk openly about things like the way she likes to get kissed or the way I do. Also, the way she likes to be held or fondled. Also, how do we talk about sex or oral or masturbation. I am a virgin and have never fingered a girl or gone down on her but she has way more experience than me and I don't know if she has done anything of that nature.

How do we start a conversation like that?


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  • i had the same situation as you my friend : D

    For me one day we were kissing and I put my hand down her underwear and just rubbed her afer that another time we were kissing and were naked playing with each other (not sex) and like just have to learn.

    Its easiest after you have sex then you ask her what she likes and stuff and if she isn't a bitch she won't offend you : )

    my best advice is DONT lose ur virginity to her if you will get jelous of her past later on