Highlights in hair or darker?

I have a medium brown color hair and I want to dye it but I can't decide if I want to go lighter with highlights and possibly blond or a darker shade of brown? In general what do you think looks best?


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  • i also have medium brown hair & have tried both ways. this has been my experience (if it helps):

    highlights look more unnatural, and fade greatly within a month. the highlights turn brassy, bright yellow soon, & there is a lot of "up keep." it also damages your hair greatly!

    i've also tried a solid darker color all around, & med brown + black low lights. my skin tone is pretty light, so the darker, solid color didn't look good at all. the black lowlights were hard to see & blended too well. that wasn't worth it.

    right now my hair is it's natural color. & I may do black low lights to add more dimension, but I'll never do blondish highlights again..it was really difficult to grow my natural hair color back :(

    have fun & good luck! (:

    • Yeah... I've had both a lot, I think I'm gonna go a shade darker, I don't want to go in to the stylist to do my hair :/. When I do highlights myself they never turn out the same way... Thanks(:

    • good idea (:

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  • Depends on the facial structure and complexion of the girl in question.

    If you want an answer specific to you then post a question.


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  • I personally wouldn't get highlights theyturn to a yellow disgusting color.


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