Where do you get the constant motivation?

When I mean motivation, I am meaning more towards exercising but could also be for any other types of activity. I know this probably has happened to others trying to either lose weight or gain some muscle that they start out very motivated but after a while, the motivation dies down. I am just wondering how to keep that motivation alive throughout the days, months, and years. I know I want to gain more muscle, but there are days that I feel bad or get too busy and those days turn into weeks. I am not totally sure how to keep that peak level of motivation and energy to keep working out, any suggestions or thoughts about it? Thanks


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  • Set yourself targets and goal, and think of all the positive effects acheiving these goals will have on your life. Take everything in stages, and get into a weekly routine of exercise, this way you get into good habits, and even those days you feel less motivated, you will naturally follow your weekly routine. Make sure your exercise sessions are enjoyable, not just tough sessions of constant weights, mix it up with cardiovascular activites and even ones for flexibility and body control. Keep a routine interesting as well as regimented. Have fun!


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  • You gotta train your mind. Think of exercise as brushing your teeth...you just do it. You know? It's not something you're doing for a set time period or to impress people. It's something you will be doing your entire life because it makes you feel strong, healthy, and happy with yourself. Saw this in a cartoon drawing and it's so true...It's not too much to ask to exercise an hour or 2 when we're off the other 22 hrs in a day...no? Good luck!


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  • i can't stand not having a six pack and can't stand being scrawny so I work out like crazy. I don't really reccomend my motivation because it was also the same thing that almost gave me an eating disorder. now that I am back to eating again, I use baseball and my goal to play in college as a motivator. I never need to motivate myself to workout though, I love to do it so it is like I am always motivated without trying. I would say make the workout fun and then you will be good. maybe start kickboxing because that is amazing cardiao and is a ton of fun


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