Can you give your number to a cute guy you haven't spoke to before?

Theres a guy who works in my local coffee shop, he's super cute. every time I go in he always looks over and smiles at me, even if he isn't serving me. When I sit at a table, he looks over quite a few times, and when we catch each others eyes, he smiles again. The only issue is we Haven't spoken before, should I give him my number? Guys what's you opinion on a girl who gives you her number?


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  • just give him your number with a little heart by your name. if he's even remotly interested that will definitely get him excited. no need for a big conversation just simply hand it to him and walk away. that will help him not feel so on the spot and awkward . even if he's not that interested which it sounds like he is, it will be flattering.

  • it will be refreshing and be put off gaurd, that he will remember you. but start talking to him first then give the number


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