I'm middle eastern and I want so badly to hook up with a white guy preferrably a blondie?

I feel like I would be comfortable and really happy with a white guy, but mostly, I am just really attracted to them. How can I approach one and what exactly should I say? I'm tired of waiting and I really want to start dating again. I want someone with their own style and who's not afraid to be themselves.


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  • Stop pretending that you're so different and approach them exactly like you would any middle-eastern guy. The only difference is that you can't talk about your culture in a way where it's common since in this case, it's different.


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  • so why does this have to be subjective to white guys?

    just approach them like you would any other guy. race doesn't define a person

  • as a girl, you should know we have the upper hand, all you have to do is welcome or deny advances