Thoughts on tongue ring and belly button ring?

For any of those who have it should I get one? Tell me is it worth it, does it hurt, healing process, and etc. Thanks! No bitchiness, just answers.
Oh and a hip tattoo! Thoughts on pain and how you like it , etc.


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  • I have my belly button done, and honestly it didn't hurt at all. maybe a little discomfort during and a couple days after. I would say its worth it, I love mine. Tongue ring I would imagine hurting a lot talking like you have a lisp for a month Lol.

    A hip tattoo? I've always wanted one; something pretty small like a heart, being so little I doubt there would be much pain. I have a high tolerance though, its different for everyone.

    • Thanks! How much are belly button rings usually? Do you know?

    • How much for the actual ring? I usually pay around 20 at Peoples.. so prices are a little higher but you can find places for a lot cheaper. Try any jewelry/accessory store.

    • Thanks! looks like I'm getting one.

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  • i have my belly button pierced and it hurt. alot. but so worth it. it's cute


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