I think the #1 reason why girls go for bad boys is...

...because they're attractive.

They can get away with being a bad boy because they are attractive. If they weren't physically attractive, they wouldn't get away with it.

It's not that girls go for bad boys...it's because they generally are attractive. Come on girls, back me up on this!

If a nice guy was physically attractive, he would probably get just as many, if not more, girls as the bad boy.

Not to sound gay, and not that I have anything against it, but I've yet to see a bad boy that is unattractive. They usually are fit, tall, square jaw, and wear nice fitting clothes. So I personally think guys should just get over it...I'm tired of seeing these questions "Why do girls always go for the dirtbags?"

So again, girls...back me up on this!
  • Girls wouldn't like ugly bad boys
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  • Bad boys can get more girls than an equally attractive nice guy
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  • If a nice guy was hot, he'd get more girls than the bad boy
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  • If a bad boy was ugly, he'd still get girls
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  • The reason why nice guys can't get girls is because they are generally unattractive
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I also want to emphasize that it is not the only reason, but the MAIN REASON why girls go for bad boys, like the anonymous girl said, is because they are attractive.

Same thing for guys.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yeah. I wouldn't say it's necessarily the only reason, but probably the main reason---and it goes for guys too. Guys will date girls who are bitchy or put up with bad behavior from women if they are hot.

    • Thanks for pointing that out...guys are just as bad as girls in this case. If the girl is hot, the behavior is much more tolerable for them.

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What Girls Said 5

  • i agree with u, becoz bad guys just focus on attracting girls so they are always prepared and in good shape and style, but as you said its not the only reason

    the other reason might be that girls who are dating a bad guys are always in fear of loosing them! so it makes things more exciting and it wouldn't makes the girls bored of a relationship! so they keep being interesting!

  • Well you're right that good looks are what sparks the initial attraction to a bad boy, because yes most of them are very good looking. However, that's not what makes girls stick around and date them. I don't care how good looking you are, if you're an asshole I'm not interested. But most bad boys pretend to be super nice, caring, wonderful, nice guys in the beginning to get the girl to fall for them. That's how most girls get tricked into staying with a bad boy.

  • that's not true. liking bad boys = wanting approval and experience the wild life "good girls" don't have. I think what make a "bad boy" appears attractive is these qualities. I have found ugly nerdy boys equally attractive when they don't give me attention and they know more about something I'm curious about but not yet know much about.

  • yep, this pretty much is the answer to why girls like bad boys. its not that we only go for them, I've liked guys that were nice too, but not only because they were good looking but they knew how to treat a girl and had a good personality that attracted me to them. it really is all about how they carry themselves and attitude they project to the world. not really to do with 'bad boy' or 'nice guy'

  • they are sexxyy :)


What Guys Said 3

  • i disagree

    lol women will tell you they want an attractive sweet guy, but in truth being confident and just doing whatever the sh*t you want goes miles... aka being a "bad boy"

    it lies in personality. I have known plenty of bad boys with tons of female success

  • ''If a nice guy was physically attractive''... so nice guys can be anywhere from ugly to stunning (full scale of attractiveness) wheras ''bad boys'' are generally attractive?!?! Being bad has a mystical effect on your appearance?!? :0 !?! Maybe middle aged women who are defiant and refuse to 'fall from grace' should be advised to start giving people abuse, burgaling people's homes as it'll make them 'bad' and make them more attractive for longer?!?! This theory could make ypou a very rich man, could make you responsible for thousands of women going to jail for pinching things...

    It's the daring, exciting image that's attractive not necassarily the person.

    • No. Really...I never said it was the ONLY reason, it's the main reason. If a fat, balding middle-aged guy who has a chubby non-symmetrical face tried to pull off the bad boy image he would fail terribly.

    • So you're saying that a 'bad boy' isn't actually a bad boy... it's an image, not his character?

      Surely if this unlucky man that you described was a bad boy then people would find his attitude, character attractive, he would be attractive... this is what you have siad?!?!?!

    • Doesn't matter if its his character or image...all I'm saying is that bad boys appeal to girls because they are generally tall, good looking with a great body. I'm just tired of all these guys having a chip on their shoulder on why they can't get girls and somehow blaming it on the guys' bad boy image or persona when it's really just biological attraction.

  • Immature girls love the bad boys for two reasons:

    1. They're exciting, in a silly immature way. A decent guy will be available, he won't play games, and he'll be consistent. A jackass will withhold attention, force the girl to chase him and work for attention, and make her feel like he's super mysterious when it's all just bullsh*t the immature girl imagines. So because the guy's an ass, it becomes this big exciting game to them.

    2. Immature girls think they can "fix" bad boys. If I had a nickel for every time I heard a girl use the phrase "I can change him", I'd have a sh*tload of nickels. Girls think they're so amazing and superior that they can turn a bad boy good, when the entire thing is just an idiotic delusion in order to satiate the girl's desire for power and dominance.

    • I don't doubt your reasons...but the girls wouldn't give the guys a chance if he was ugly.

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