People look at me like I'm a little kid?

So I know that I'm young and all, although I am almost 18, but I have this problem with people (specifically guys) treating me like an adorable little kid or a puppy. It doesn't help that I'm only 5'2" and I guess I act/seem very innocent (which I don't mind really). I really don't act immature, especially compared to guys my age. Basically, I'm tired of being cute/adorable and such but I don't know how to be seen as older/wiser/more experienced (maybe more specifically, in a relationship) without being a whore.

Also, I know this question makes me sound like a loser but going anonymous is lame and I really want to ask this question.


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  • I guess it wouldn't hurt to like flirt with guys you're friends with that you might want to consider you more. Don't go crazy out there flirting but just regular to hook a guy in and he'll spread the word to his friends, guys have big mouths.


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