Why? best answers....

Why do people never pick best answers? It helps others know what you where looking for, it helps others with there points. And it takes no time. So plz people do every one a favor and when you get the answers you need- pick a best answer- we all will that you


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  • Don't mind the answer from dedsetmad; I looked at his profile and he's just playing a character.

    I see what you're saying about the best answers and do agree. I think that there are some questions that a best answer can't be picked; I know I have a couple.

    • Thank you, and with him being a level 3 he could say something nice to people and then he can get best answers.

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    • I always ask anonymously that's all. I answer showing who I am.

    • OK, you made me think enough about it that I went back through my questions and awarded the best answers to the ones that I could.

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  • I've picked a best answer a few times, but honestly, I forget most of the time. And sometimes, there is no best answer. I do try to pick one whenever I can though.