Guys, what's your favorite hairstyle on a girl?

I just want to get a general idea of what sort of hairstyles guys are into. So far I've gathered that you like long hair (something to grab on to) and most other guys I have asked like brunette hair. I am a brunette and staying that way. I hate it when people ruin their hair by putting crazy colors in it. It makes a statement at first but after a while it starts to look like and hold the texture of straw.

I watched my friend dye her hair peroxide blond for a year and it was the most depressing hair I've ever seen. Just 24 hours after she dyed it, little dark prickles of hair began growing in. Disgusting. And she had such a lovely honey blond color before. Thankfully it has been restored to it's natural beauty.

I just want to know what sort of shape and cut guys like. wavy, messy sides or straight with bangs brushed to the side. Layered and feathery or all the same length?

Let us know. :)


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  • I like long hair, sometimes in curls it looks nice, I'm more attracted to indian women as I am an indian man and most of the people in the school have an Asian mix, so just black hair

    But I like brunettes on white girls

    A girl I know at school who I have a crush has shoulder length hair and it's really frizzy, it's hard to explain but I haven't seen anybody else with it and nobody can rock it like her


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  • definitely natural for me colour blond or brunette

    style: straight long mid length choppy layers fringe bob if not too short (any of them or combination) pony tails braids French twist

    but if they like there hair how it is I dint have a problem I'm not going to make them change it :)

  • Well you are right. I like long hair. I prefer brunettes, but I don't mind blondes either (as long as it is her natural colour). I like either straight or wavy hair. I don't really like curly hair.

  • blond, with a ponytail or pigtails


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