What would you define as the poverty line or the poverty threshold?

What is the lowest that you would accept of a human being living under poverty?
Ok I guess I should have been specific, describe what would be the life of a person just on the poverty line or, what materials things, or services should he or she have to be just on the povertt threshold.
not under not above, just on the line. I would give you an example: Somebody on the poverty threshold should have live under a roof with no leaks.
wooo forgive my grammar sorrry


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    Thats a pretty accurate list for US poverty rates. I'm approximatively $5,000 under the designated poverty line for my family, and it's unacceptable. My parents work really hard, I am a full time student at a top university with two jobs (soon to be three in the fall), and a sister whose about to go to college.

    No one should ever have to live in my conditions, or anything below that.

    • So you have a hard life?

      What's the minimum wage in the US?

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    • 7.25... is that for your agegroup or for all adults?

      After reading what you've wrote I'll be honest I was shocked, I didn't realize this happened in 'the land of opportunity'?

      England's BAD for unemployment at the min, the credit crunch f***ed everyone over. Jobs are scarce, people with qualifications can't find work and are living on 'the dole' (state benefits, income support).

    • It's for all adults, except waiters, they get paid about 4.25 because they're expected to receive "tips." Which aren't guaranteed lol. And yeah, the UK has an overall unfortunate situation :( there are very few countries experiencing otherwise. But at least you guys have healthcare, we don't. Gosh, the worlds so messed up.

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  • Thirty Days, or whatever the name of that TV show is, who is done by the "Super Size Me" Guy had an episode where they lived for a month on minimum wage/poverty line and it was disgusting. They could barely afford a house, the wife got sick and they literally could not go to the hospital, and the free clinic couldn't do anything because they couldn't buy the medicine. It was really sad. More efforts should be put forward to help impoverished, sick and underprivileged people here in America.

    • More people should stop buying into the Reaganomics/anti-union bs and demand that everybody shares in the wealth of this country.

    • Are American's able to vote if they want free health-care? Has this ever been suggested by someone running for election etc? What kind of medical treatment do poor people recieve in America?

      Here healthcare and college education are free, then again we pay ridiculous tax on things like booze and cigs, fuel... everything! British goverment = Thieving bastards

    • Obama's been trying to do universal healthcare and... Well he did it wrong. I love the idea and I fully support it but there's a way it will work in our society and a way it won't and he chose wrong. I'd willingly give all the spare money I had to help every one live a decent life but a lot of people don't see it that way. And I'm not even getting into the cost of college and the f***ed up loans system we have. It kills me having to drive through a city where people need to beg for survival.

  • I really don't know if I could place a price or an income level that would denote me being on the poverty line. Probably though if I was not able to afford the basics, like food, shelter and my medication, just survival stuff. That would make me feel like I am on or below the poverty line. It's so hard to know, because everyone goes through times where they don't have enough for something.

    People who live paycheck to paycheck just making it, I feel are below the poverty line as well. Because anything that keeps them from working will keep them from affording survival.

  • I think poverty means that they have no place to live, no food to eat, and can't get any money for clothes.

    I mean I use to make only 20k a year but my rent was only $300 and my food was $100 for the month and it was just for me. Clothes I didn't buy much.

    I didn't feel I was really in poverty... I dressed nice and I had money to some times hang out with my friends.


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  • When a person cannot afford an apartment/home with basic household items, food, electricity, and transportation. Then I would consider them in poverty.

    • can you be more specific? its a more difficult question than what it looks like.

    • I'm pretty sure I answered it is as specific as I can...

      Do you want me to start talking about when you're forced to eat Ramen every meal?

    • Are cars REALLY essential? If you lived in the city, everything was on your doorstep then a car would be pointless to a poorer person

  • Call me an idiot but I don't understand the question?

    • i am not talking about income, I am talking about material things or services. I don't want to spoil a question, but somebody on the poverty line should have a pair of shoes that last for 2 years for example. Things like that. And I am kidding about the idiot part.

    • Ahhhh, I understand. Accepting handed down clothes etc.

      Let me think about this, I myself come from an area you wouldn't call a playground, crime and deprivation are common here. Alcoholics, drug dealers are your neighbours and friends.

      I'm not in any finacial difficulty, my mum's a college teacher, has no problem paying for the house, asks for no money from me

  • A person is truly poor when they can't afford to have essential items needed to survive as a human being.


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