Eye Contact With Co-Worker?

There is a new co-worker in my office. We get along great but I have noticed recently that he no longer makes eye contact with me no matter what we are talking about. The only time he makes eye contact with me is if we are around other people discussing something. He will also look over at me if he is talking to some else even if I am not part of that conversation. However, if we are alone in his office doing work he will not look at me. I have never come on to this guy, I have never said anything inappropriate or given him any reason not to feel comfortable around me. What gives? Do I make him uncomfortable?


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  • It could be that he feels uncomfortable, if he fancies you then he could feel awkard. He might just be getting on with his work, which means his attention is elsewhere. If he were uncomfortable then he might be a bit shifty and fidgety around you, maybe he might seem like he wants to get away quickly..

    The thing is that whether he fancies you or not, the working 'relationship' some people find that keeping it professional is better, that way if it goes wrong, it won't be too awkward.


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