What is the first thing a guy looks for in a girl?

Okay so I'm really confused and want to know what it is that guys look at first in a girl.


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  • 1 if she has a vagina

    2 she's about our level of attractiveness

    3 fun to hang out with

    4 little to no drama


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  • Look at first huh? Most guys: Tits, ass, crotch, Visual is always going to be first. I am the guy cliche that sees the eyes first. Eyes are full of emotion and emotion is always fascinating to me no matter the individual. Don't be afraid to call guys out on what they see "first" either. Good luck.

  • Down to earth.


What Girls Said 2

  • 1. Looks / Appearance

    2. Confidence

    3. If she can hold a conversation

  • First thing would probably be if she is thin, pretty face and good appearance.

    Then second thing would probably be if she is nice, good manners, and has great attitude.

    Third thing would probably be her hobbies, her interests and what her opinion on certain subjects are...

    I'm just speculating ofcourse.

    But I do think that most men would notice something visual first.

    • Physically men look to the face first then the hair and then the rest of her appearance. Thin or thick is a matter of preference, but pretty face vs pretty body is just about universal among men.

    • If men are truthful they will say how she looks. In all truth guys only look at a girl first because he thinks something about her is pretty. Maybe short skirt or nice figure. But of course appearence catches the eye first so is human nature us women do it to.

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