When I see guys that are my type and that I am attracted to, it makes me want to just dump the guy I'm with.

OK so honestly my type of guy is the one full of tattoos and piercings and gauges and that whole rocker look (not emo) and I seem to end up with the whole surfer guys, which yes I do find attractive but id much rather be with a rocker dude because I see myself lasting a lot longer with them and because I would probably have a lot more in common with them. well now I'm dating this guy that isn't really my type, he surfs and is cute but just NOT my type,...but I do like him. but the thing is when I see guys that are my type and that I am attracted to it makes me want to just dump the guy I'm with and try it out with someone that I am completely attracted too..i feel like I'm just settling..idk any advice? what should I do?


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  • The thing is, is that the piercings and tattooes are a customization of a person. Just because they have peircings and tattooes doesn't mean you and them are going to 'hit' it off. And obviously you seem to find a completely different 'type' to be more compatiable...in a stereotypical look of your 'type' you seem to go in terms of looks for that

    Bad man image- the look that is a little rough around the edges and looks hard etc

    and yet when it comes down to it, you seem to date that 'perfect look' the perfect body the nice hair etc

    Its almost like the total opposite of each other, and I can actually relate to that.

    In one respect I love the domiant look, that powerful, could knock you down with just a look, 'type'

    But in reality I prefer a guy to be more softer, still more man then having a 'femine' side, but I don't think I could be with a guy who just kept filling his ego by trying to seem all powerful and mighty.

    • wow you so right..thanks, you really put things into perspective for me

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  • no


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  • It's not about looks it's about how a person treats you and how you feel, you may end with a guy your attracted to but is a total A-Hole. But don't hurt the guy your with if you honestly feel he doesn't make you go gaga! Then tell him he's not your type Gently and let him go...The go get your hot rocker.

  • Maybe try to get to know the person behind the looks. Try to find a guy you find attractive, not looks but personality. I'm sorry but you sound very shallow.

    • i know I do sound like super shallow, but I don't want to be like that and like the thing is I have tattoos and a lot of piercings and gauges, and I just feel like sometimes we just look odd together because he definitely looks different. and yes he does treat me well but sometimes I feel like he's trying to change the way I look because we do look so different, like I wear lots of blacks and grays and browns and he's always telling me to wear more colors, or sometimes to take our my septum..idk

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