What do cheer coaches look for in a girl?

Please help I'm trying out in a bit... I can do the splits and cartwheel. What is is helpful. any tips please.


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  • Hi! I'm a cheerleader! They always look for enthusiasm, a positive attitude and a smile. Even if you struggle with tumbling, or stunts just have a positive attitude. That's what matters most! If your'e trying out for a JV team then what you have is a good start. Try to work towards being able to do a front walkover and a back walkover. Once you have those then you're pretty much set for excecuting your back handspring. If you're trying out for a Varsity team then your cheer coach will look for things tha will more difficult. If you're trying out for a team who competes then you should definately have a front and back walkover, splits and a round off back handspring. Some coaches will require you to have a BHS and some will not. Having your BHS will only increase your chances of doing well in tryouts! If you really want to wow the coaches, do a round off back handspring back tuck! I gurantee that will earn your spot on the squad. Its okay if you can't though. Signing up for a gymnastics class will not be a bad idea. Don't try to do any tumbling without a professional! The next thing coaches will look for is how well your jumps are. JV will look for a high toe touch, herkie, and front hurdler. Varsity will look for double or triple toe touches. To make sure your jumps are high stretch alot! Also, jump in place about 20 times. Each time you jump up your knees should lift up to your just and your arms should be sligtly bent by your boobs. If your have your splits you will most likely have awesome toe touches though! :) Here are some links so you'll understand the tumbling. I hope I helped! Good luck in tryouts! :)



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  • Probably and aptitude for shouting and the ability to look good in a short skirt.


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  • You have to be ready to put in some work and effort. I was really quiet to the point people thought I was mute, but I still made it on the team. I beat out a lot of people that were expected to get in.

    If you can do a round-off you should be fine. Coaches are willing to work with you on things like jumps and the splits.