Hair today, gone tomorrow?

Was told by my barber that I have about two years left with hair before the thinning gets to the point where I need to shave it. Am absolutely gutted. How many girls would not even consider a guy because he's losing (or has lost) his hair. by the way I am at least at an age where this may considered normal (ish) rather than bald at 30 or something.

PS: Would a comb over be worth it just for the comedy value or would people miss the point and think I was doing it to try and compensate?


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  • Rogaine has limited use, what's considered the best right now is Finasteride, which is generic Propecia, and very cheap if you have insurance.

    While thinning hair or balding is noticeable, and obviously a negative to whatever extent, the important thing is this:

    The main problem men with thinning hair face isn't their looks, it's their lack of confidence. Most men lose their hair, and women notice, but it doesn't really affect the way they feel towards a guy unless he acts differently. Have you ever seen a really confident bald guy? Women will clamor over him. If you don't think your hair matters, neither will they. In fact, having confidence despite a shiny head will make them notice how confident you are entirely outside your appearance.

    • Be confident. Check.

      I suppose you tell depressed people to be happy, too?

    • I'm sorry that you don't understand the simple implications of what I said.

      Imagine two men.

      Both bald.

      Both trying to be confident.

      Man A believes his confidence has to compensate for his baldness.

      Man B believes his baldness doesn't matter and goes forward confidently without worrying whether it's an issue.

      I don't need to ask you which man will feel, look, respond, succeed better.

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  • I knew a guy who was very obviously balding at the ripe young age of 24. Lucky you for holding out much longer. The good thing is that this is supposed to be a sign of a generous level of testosterone in the body. Comb over - you really should get a second opinion from a sibling or someone else close to you in real life. It depends on your overall look, although as a generally rule I usually go with no, don't do it. Donald Trump looks ridiculous.

  • I don't even notice bald/thinning guys they're not on my radar.

    Some girls don't mind, some mind but will compromise, some mind but won't compromise, some find it a turn on, and some find it a turn off.

    I mind & won't compromise and find it a turn off.

    The comb over will get a laugh but most likely it'll be combined with he's compensating not he's confident and poking fun at himself.

  • Balding happens. There's nothing you can do about it, so why would I judge you for it?

    Comb overs only have comedy value in a pathetic kind of way. Not a good joke, unless you just did it for like, a day. Maybe.

  • I think it'd be fine to shave it off...I mean it's a popular cut nowadays anyway (military, younger guys even)...I wouldn't worry about it!

  • some bald guys are hott.

  • I'm not sure what a comb over is, but it doesn't seem like it would be very funny. I recommend against it because many people probably wouldn't get that it was supposed to be funny.

    If you're of an age where it's normal to start to lose hair, I wouldn't think anything of it- not that I would be dating someone of that age, at my age. If a guy is going prematurely bald, I would notice it and obviously it's not ideal, but it's not something I would judge them based on or not date them based on.

    I would prefer that a guy keep what hair he still has rather than completely shaving his head, but that could just be me.

  • my cousin was in your position and decided to shave his head when he was 23. He looks completely normal bald.

  • Well, bald isn't necessarily my preference, but if I like a guy, it doesn't matter to me.

    If a guy can pull off completely bald, I generally find that more attractive than bald on top with hair around the sides and back.

    A combover is comedic in a sad-funny way, not in a "haha jokes" way. I don't think very many people would get the "joke" if you were doing it on purpose to be funny.


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  • I am grateful that I don't have to worry about hair loss. Both my grandfathers have a full head of hair. My dad has really thick hair too. This thread makes me want to grow my hair out and appreciate the fact that I have it... To answer your question, just shave it man. It will make you look much younger imo.

  • 2 words

    patrick stewart


    im 21 and I'm slowly getting a more pronounced widows peak. meaning I'm losing my hairline in front. no I'm not getting a baldspot.

    i look at myself and I'm in the best shape of my life.

    dont care

  • You my friend, are lucky to have held onto your hair as long as you have.

    My hair really started thinning when I was 25... no comb-over worked for me so I had to swallow my pride and completely shave it off. It's been 2 years now, and I shave my head with the ol' Bic EVERY day (moreso than I shave my face). But it looks great on me; so good in fact that random people on the street compliment me about it. I have a nice skull shape.

    So if you have a good-looking skull shape, it should be okay. Besides, most men WILL lose their hair in their lifetimes than won't.

    And I think that's disgusting how a woman couldn't be attracted to a bald man... it's these young twats that want a guy with mop-top hair; a real man has short/no hair.

  • Have you tried rogaine?

    • I have no idea what that is. However, I once met a guy who'd had a hair transplant and was delighted with it. It looked like a mistake to me as you could see where his original hair had been (and still was, down the sides at least) but the rest looked like a rogue collection of pubes had gathered on the top of his head for a meeting. It was not a good look.

    • Rogaine's that mousse you put in your hair to stimulate growth. If mine gets thin, I think I'll give it a try. But I've been pretty fortunate so far.

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