Guys, Would this be cute?

My boyfriend is meeting me at the airport in a couple weeks. I was planning on wearing cute black flats, American Eagle Jeans, and a very dressy royal blue shirt, that would go great with my long dark hair and fair skin.

However, he's a brown converse sort of guy, and he mentioned that I could wear my converses.. . So now I'm thinking to wear the jeans with my blue converses and a black cami that has lace at the V neck, with a nice pink hoodie on top, but opened. If my hair was down and fixed well, and If I had makeup on, would I still look hot/sexy for him?


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  • I'm sure he'll be happy just to see you.

    • Yeah, but which would you find sexier? The one is sorta like a hot look, the other sorta like a girl next door cuddly look. Ha. Which is best?

    • I personally would probably think the first outfit. As for he would think, you would probably have a better idea than I would.

  • um yes?


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