What are the treatment, prevention, and causes for hair breakage?

treatment, prevention, causes and any thing else you want to add.


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  • You cannot undo breakage unless you trim it. However, there are some things you can do to prevent it.

    1. blow dry your hair without a brush for as long as possible. Wait until its about 80% dry before you use a brush

    2. do not run a brush through it when it is wet, as it stretches the hair, and can cause breakage.

    3. run an anti-breakage serum or leave in conditioner when it is wet before you style it or before you go to bed.

    4. before you blowdry or straighten, run some protectant over your hair to protect it from the heat. I found one that will do double duty, so if I blowdry it with it in, I won't put more on to straighten it.

    5. I've read to give the product 10 minutes to soak in.

    6. give your hair a rest when you can. If it is not imperative to straighten or curl your hair, throw it in a ponytail, or put it in a headband.

    • ok. I don't do 1, 2, or 4. so that's y I hv breakage. do rollers help prevent breakage or cause it?

    • It depends, if you are just putting them in and letting your hair dry, they should be fine. When you style with heat it can damage your hair. However, using a protectant should help that.

    • oh OK. I just put them in to set my hair every night.

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  • Causes: dying, bleaching, straightening, curling, being too long (natural decay,) etc.

    Treatment/prevention: Conditioner and other general care. And avoid the causes of course :)

    • oh OK. its probably straightening then, cause that is the only 1 I do from that list.

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    • yeah, perming is a definite killer as well.

    • ok.

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