What do you mean when you say I got lost in her/his eyes??

if its ever happened to you explain? what is it about eyes that can have such an impact? is it they eyes along with the persons personality or can it happen with a complete stranger? what are you thinking when you are lost in there eyes?


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  • Eyes are like opening a deap connection. I'm a photographer and love taking closups of eyes because I really think theyr beautiful in their own kind of way. As much of a cornball thing it is to do I get lost in my gfs eyes. Theyr big and hazel and I don't know something about them I guess. Its also probly becuase I actually in love her since I pic people with great eyes for photos (some that admitedly have "pretier" eyes then her) but it just doesn't work that way lol. Kinda hard to explain I guess


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  • There is a hungarian phrase, "The eye is the mirror of the soul".

    Though if I get lost in someone's eyes, then it just means they're pretty and the person is attractive in general (the eyes add to it, haha). I'm not that great at being "deeper" than that.

    By the way, I know someone who can accurately tell what emotion you are feeling based on your eyes. It's sort of creepy. The eyes hold a message - but most people can't interpret it.

  • Eyes are like gateway to a person's soul. That is when two people can connect without even saying anything. You both feel it. Chemistry or whatever you call it. But actions speak louder than words... you don't just hear it, but needs to feel it.


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