What crosses your mind when you gaze into your significant others' eyes?

It's all in the question. What kind of things do you think about when you look into their eyes?


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  • I become humbled.

    I become humbled by her beauty instantly and as I begin to look deeper I think I go through each and every motion and end on relief due to the fact that I have never been happier with anybody else in my life and am happier each and every day and am committed for life to try each and every day to make her just as happy as she has made me...damn this run on sentence needs shoes...

    Our love is a progression...

    When your love, life, work etc. begin to plateau or decline then it is past the time you need to walk away


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  • The same exact feeling you would have if your sitting on the beach while the sun is setting and a gentle breeze touching your skin giving you goosebumps. You feel Harmony, peaceful, comfortable and most importantly Warmth surrounding your heart.


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  • our future


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